South Staffordshire Community Lottery

Hi Everyone
The new South Staffordshire Community Lottery website is now live: for Good Causes to sign up and is a fun and effective way for Good Causes to raise funds.
Any good cause operating within South Staffordshire and benefitting South Staffordshire residents can apply, subject to a few eligibility criteria (please refer to the Good Cause Terms and Conditions page on the lottery website).
Joining the lottery is free and the application process will only take a minute, so to sign up please go to the South Staffordshire Community Lottery website and click on the ‘I AM A GOOD CAUSE’ button, then click on the ‘APPLY NOW’ button.
Tickets go on sale on the 24th October with the first draw scheduled to take place on Saturday 25th November.
If you would like to find out more about how the lottery works visit or speak to a member of Policy and Partnerships Team on 01902 696238 or via email at:
Best Wishes
The Policy and Partnership Team